SpaceClaim Addins

SC-Motion: Motion and Dynamic Simulation Addin for SpaceClaim

SC-Motion is a motion and dynamic simulation addin completely integrated inside SpaceClaim. It can be used to validate an assembly for its kinematic and dynamic analyses. More details here.

SCExplode: Assembly Explode Addin for SpaceClaim

SCExplode is an addin/plugin inside SpaceClaim to Explode Assemblies. Using it, SpaceClaim assemblies can be exploded in a step by step manner to create various configurations. The animation between the assembled and exploded configurations and vice versa are possible. More details here.

Drawing Export Addin for SpaceClaim

"Drawing Export Addin for SpaceClaim" is an integrated addin inside SpaceClaim. It can be used to export 2D Drawing files as DWG, DXF, PDF or as images at ease. It also has some easy to use file naming convention to be used while saving Drawing files. More details here.

MicroPDM: A basic and useful "Product Data Management" Addin for SpaceClaim

MicroPDM lets SpaceClaim users to link files such as a datasheet, specification file or websites with parts and components in SpaceClaim. More details here.

SpaceClaim Customization

Apart from the above SpaceClaim addins, AR-CAD also has developed customized solutions, addins for certain SpaceCliam users. Please contact us for any SpaceClaim customization.