SC-Motion : Motion and Dynamic Simulation Addin for SpaceClaim

SC-Motion is a Motion and Dynamic Simulation addin for SpaceClaim. It is a fully integrated addin and the user can seamlessly perform Motion and Dynamic Analysis of the SpaceClaim assemblies, without actually going out of SpaceClaim.

Main Features:

  • Automatically converts all SpaceClaim assembly conditions/constraints to corresponding Mechanical Joints
  • Define Rotation and Translation at Joints
  • Define Force and Torque at Joints
  • Define Spring and Damper
  • Define Gravity for the Assembly
  • Perform Motion and Dynamic Simulation
  • Record the Simulation as Video
  • View Graph Plots and Export the Plot Data into a Spreadsheet


SC-Motion works in SpaceClaim 2012 through SpaceClaim 2015 versions. Download SC-Motion2012 for a free evaluation of 14 days.