SCExplode: SpaceClaim Addin to Explode Assemblies

SCExplode lets SpaceClaim users to explode assemblies in any specified manner to create various configurations. The explosion can be animated between any two configurations in forward and backward directions. Therefore, users can understand the assembly process in great detail. Videos can be created and distributed as desired. Explosion lines can also be viewed with an option to save as an image. SCExplode is completely integrated in the SpaceClaim GUI.

Below are example configurations of an assembly and its animation. A short video on the features of SCExplode is also below.

How to Install and Use SCExplode

The procedure to use SCExplode is explained below. Use the arrows at the bottom to go through the slides.

Download (Free 7 days trial)

"SCExplode Addin for SpaceClaim" (V 1.3) can be downloaded here. It works in SpaceClaim2015 and later versions.

For SpaceClaim versions 2012 and later, "SCExplode Addin for SpaceClaim" (V 1.3) can be downloaded here

Details on Installation and Activation can be found in the above slideshow.


After buying using PayPal, please send an email to, with the transaction details and your machine ID. We shall send you a perpetual license over email.



If you have any issues or feedback/suggestions, please Contact us.

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