microPDM: "Product Data Management" Addin for SpaceClaim

Who should use it?

SpaceClaim users who would like to link files such as a datasheet, specification file or websites with parts and components in SpaceClaim.

How to use it ?

The procedure to use microPDM addin for SpaceClaim is explained below. Use the arrows at the bottom to go through the slides.

Download (Free 14 days trial)

"microPDM "Product Data Managment" Addin for SpaceClaim" (V 1.0) can be downloaded here. It works in SpaceClaim2012+ and later versions. Details on Installation and Activation can be found here.


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SC-Motion: Motion and Dynamic Simulation Addin for SpaceClaim

We also have developed SC-Motion addin. For further details, please visit here.

PDFExport Addin for SpaceClaim

PDFExport addin lets SpaceClaim users export drawing as 2D PDF using an easy interface. It also can export all drawing files of a SpaceClaim document at once. The path and file name can be configured using a variety of options. For further details, please visit here.